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It's a Matter of Choice! Being a Best Employer in Central Eastern Europe is not a matter of chance. Best Employers know that they benefit from being among the region's best, and they make decisions every day to ensure they maintain their Best Employer status. Why? Being a Best Employer positively affects your leaders, your human resources team, your employees, your shareholders, your customers, and your recruits. Find out how click here to read more.

2013 Best Employer Ranking - click here to see the results

2013 Key Figures
10 countries
more than 430 companies
more than 360.000 employees represented in total
more than 2600 Senior leaders filled the questionnaire

Aon Hewitt employee engagement thought leadership 2013
2013 Trends in Global Employee Engagement
Managing Employee Engagement During Times of Change

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  • 2013
    The results of the Best Employers Study in CEE by Aon Hewitt shows employee engagement and motivation be on a top priority list in 2014 – 2016
  • 2012
    Organisations in Central and Eastern Europe with high employee engagement are achieving better business results
  • 2011
    Aon Hewitt study shows Best Employers gain their competitive edge through quality of leadership
  • 2010
    Aon Hewitt Study shows organisations face talent risks as economy improves
  • 2009
    How to keep employees engaged during the economic downturn...
  • 2008
    The relationship between employee and employer is like...
  • 2007
    Microsoft tops study of Hewitt' Best Employers...

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